jenarbeit sees itself as a citizen-oriented and service-oriented job center.

Access to our customer center is available during opening hours. If required, documents can be scanned / handed in there, confirmations can be issued and simple requests can be made. For complex questions and issues, we recommend that you contact the responsible case worker by telephone. Please use the contact form for inquiries or to submit documents. The customer center will also forward the invited persons.

You can use the citizen's allowance calculator to check whether you could be entitled to citizen's allowance. You can also use the housing benefit calculator to check in advance whether you may be entitled to a higher amount of housing benefit. The calculated entitlement is non-binding.

Further multilingual information on citizen's allowance can be found here.

Please have the following documents ready for a new application for benefits:
  • valid identity card or valid passport
  • Proof of the amount of accommodation costs (rent, ancillary costs and heating costs, e.g. in the form of a rental agreement, etc.)
  • Your bank statements for the last three months (complete and sorted) - of all accounts and all persons (including online accounts, e.g. PayPal and credit cards, internet exchanges such as eBay, MyHammer / Autoscout24 etc.)
  • if you do not have a bank account: proof that no account can be set up
  • if available: Proof of credit balances in savings accounts
  • Proof of your health insurance (e.g. in the form of a health insurance card, health insurance membership certificate, etc.)
  • Social security number
  • Tax identification number
  • if you have children: Proof of child benefit
  • If available: Disability certificate.