Employer advice

The employer service is a service offered by the municipal job center jenarbeit to employers and companies in the region. In cooperation with case management, we look for suitable people for your vacancies, organize applicant days and provide you with customer-oriented and needs-based advice on all issues relating to the recruitment and promotion of recipients of citizens' benefits. We review application documents and make a qualified pre-selection. If necessary, we arrange job-related training for applicants.

If necessary, we organize work trials so that you can test the suitability of applicants for your company and the position to be filled. We also advise on various employer subsidies, such as

  • Integration subsidy (EGZ)
  • Funding instrument § 16e SGB II "Integration of the long-term unemployed"
  • Funding instrument § 16i SGB II "Participation in the labor market".
Contact person

E-Mail: arbeitgeberservice@jena.de

Your name contact
Mr. Müller Telephone: 0049 3641 49-4720
Mr. Stadermann Telephone: 0049 3641 49-4711
Mr. Heinicke Telephone: 0049 3641 49-4754
Advice for sponsors

On this page you will find all the important information for public and private non-profit organizations.

Do you have any questions?
If you are a public or private non-profit organization and would like to apply for funding for work opportunities with compensation for additional expenses (AGH-MAE), please contact our organization advisory team.

Contact person

E-Mail: traegerberatung@jena.de

Your name Name Contact
Mrs. Weila Phone: 0049 364149-4763
Mrs. Amm Telephone: 0049 364149-4776
Mrs. Littwin Telephone: 0049 3641 49-4841