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Due to Corona currently no personal contact - we ask for your understanding. A tip sheet and a FAQ on the facilitated access to SGB II (social protection package) as a result of the Corona virus can be found at: Arbeitslosengeld II - Beratung und Antrag.

For a new application please use the link on Arbeitslosengeld II (ALG II) - Beratung undAntrag underr -> Downloads located initial application for unemployment benefit II. You can submit this by e-mail.

During the initial consultation, you may receive additional application forms and instructions for filling them out. A checklist informs you about necessary documents which are required for the application. As a result of a complete application jenarbeit guarantees a quick processing of your application and thus a prompt payment of the cash benefits according to the issued benefit notification.

You can reach the responsible employee(s) by e-mail, telephone as well as by post. These contact details will be provided during the initial consultation.

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