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Referrals are made in the case management area and are divided into the following two areas:

General case management

In general case management, all employable benefit claimants who have reached the age of 25 and do not belong to one of the following special client groups are looked after.

Special case management

Special case management is used for persons eligible for benefits who have

  • have not yet reached the age of 25
  • have obtained a university degree (technical college or university) in the last three years
  • have had a degree of disability (GdB) of at least 50 recognised, or
  • have been granted benefits for participation in working life.


The aim of case management support is to assist you with all questions relating to the topic of "integration into work" and to support you in making a living from your own resources and strength.


  • Advice on services within the framework of the integration process and on your self-help obligations and duties to cooperate
  • after a potential analysis, the conclusion of an integration agreement
  • Services for integration into work, e.g.
    • mediation and support in initiating and taking up employment subject to compulsory insurance contributions
    • activation and occupational integration measures
    • Promotion of further vocational training
    • Benefits for vocational training
    • LServices to employers to help them take up employment subject to compulsory insurance
  • the offer of municipal integration services, e.g.
    • support for the care of underage or disabled children or the care of relatives at home
    • debt counselling
    • psychosocial support
    • addiction counselling

Job offers

You can find current job offers on the right under Downloads as well as in the job portal of the Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Jena mbH.

Outside office hours, counselling appointments can also be made with the case managers.