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About us

With around 130 employees, we look after more than 7,000 people in Jena who receive benefits under SGB II. We take care of the concerns of job-seeking citizens, are firmly rooted in the city of Jena and see ourselves as a dynamic, citizen-friendly administration. We are proud of our municipal independence and draw from it the strength and responsibility to fulfil our mission.

The aim is to integrate those entitled to benefits into an employment relationship on the 1st labour market that covers their needs. To this end, we work closely with companies based in the region and can draw on a distinctive supra-regional network. We also see ourselves as a partner for the local economy.

Statistical reports

In the download area you will find statistical reports of the current year and the previous year. You are welcome to request further reports by e-mail at jenarbeit@jena.de.



Stadtrodaer Straße 1
07749 Jena